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Make a Website

with an informative domain name.
To get started, if you are going to make a website you will need to purchase a domain name. In picking out a domain name you should try to have it tell the searcher what it is that you do. If you are a photographer for example, you wouldn’t want a domain name like “” Bill may think that this says so much about him but it tells the audience nothing. Maybe something like “” would be a better choice.
A few things to think about is that the domain name should be easy to spell, short in length and do not contain multiple hyphens or key words. You should also stay away from using letters like “u” for “you” or numbers like “”. Make sure that when you combine words that it does not spell unwanted words like “” If Dick is going to sell his popular exit signs, that domain name is not going to help send traffic his way. There are many top-level domain extensions like .com, .net, .us, .co, .org, .me and hundreds of others. Try to stay with .com as it is just easier for others to remember.

To make a website you will need to purchase a hosting plan. We have a plethora of hosting plans to choose from. You can check out our hosting plans HERE. Most small companies just starting out will find that the Starter plan for $1.99 per month will be sufficient to host their new website. As your company grows, you can move up to a plan that meets your company’s needs.

After buying a domain name and purchasing a hosting plan, to make a website you will need to either use a website builder like the popular click-n-build that we offer here for $5.99 a month or there are many places on the internet to download templates to design an easy to navigate good looking website. This HTML website is made from a template called “porto” which can be found by doing a Google search for porto website templates.